Things I’ve Tried

..ridiculous and otherwise.  Issues I’ve addressed, alternative therapies I’ve tried, tablets I’ve swallowed.

In no particular order:

propranolol, naproxen, diclofenac, cinnarizine, dosulepin, metoclopramide,  two courses of antibiotics, beconase, periods of taking more painkillers, periods of taking absolutely no painkillers, amitriptyline (still in use – amitriptyline, diclofenac, occasional paracetamol)

osteopathy (worked wonderfully for reducing shoulder and back pain, did not reduce headache, osteopaths decision to end treatment)

acupuncture (felt nice, no headache relief)

gua sha (I still do this sometimes, it’s totally mental to the western mind but feels good on tense muscles)

hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy

hula-hooping (effective for immediate relief of shoulder and back pain)

massive doses of vitamin b12 – sublingual methylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin (still use, I feel more tired without it), tyrosine, fish oils, vitamin c, vitamin d

reading glasses (nope)

massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy (felt good for a brief time), physiotherapy (I don’t feel physiotherapy was given a fair shot but having been dismissed by the nhs is no longer an option)


elimination diets, sugar-free diets, hydration

big pillows, little pillows, memory foam pillows, sleeping on my back, sleeping on my side, more sleeping, less sleeping

working / not working – reading / not reading

exercising lightly / moderately / furiously

stretching, pilates, yoga, boxercise, swimming, walking, running, climbing mountains, hiking, cardiovascular, weight-bearing….. daily, weekly, never

a positive attitude, crumbling and crying, anger, peaceful meditation, mind over matter, pushing on through, living as if I don’t have a headache…


…….STILL got a headache!!