Yay! The Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you, Invisible Pain Warriors, for nominating me, I’m very honoured!  If you haven’t already found your way to this blog, please do – it’s a touching, well-written account of living with pain.


The Rules

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I was asked:

Would you rather watch a movie at home or watch it in the theater?  I used to love the cinema experience but find that it does nothing to help a headache! Also, my immaculate taste in films *cough*- crappy old 80s films / old black and white zombie movies – isn’t shared by many people and so I can only see those ones at home!

What is one of your biggest pet peeves?  A lack of manners. It costs nothing to smile or hold a door for someone.

What is your favorite color?  Blue. A rich blue hue is calming and makes me smile.

What is your favorite band?  I have had a deep love for music ever since Freddie Mercury walked on stage in a tight white vest at Live Aid in 1985. I was 7 years old and I felt his passion! I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite artist, so I’ll have to say Queen for rocking my bones that day!

Do you have any pets?  Growing up, we had a cat who used to look in to my eyes and read my soul!! I live on the second floor these days, and pets are not an option, but I’d love another one day.

Fiction or non-fiction?  The Headache has meant that I haven’t been able to read either for the last couple of years, but I still continue to buy books (I can’t resist). My “will-read-as-soon-as I’m-able-to” pile contains mainly non-fiction books about art history and language.

During which month were you born?  I’m an August baby. The long hot days of summer are definitely my favourite time of year.

My nominations are: 

And my questions for my award nominees…

  • What makes you happiest?
  • Why do you blog?
  • Where was your favourite holiday?
  • Who is your favourite fictional character, and why?
  • What is your favourite food?
  • What is your favourite motto / quote?
  • Have you gained anything positive from your illness?  Pain-Positive-Tag1