A turning point: Massage

Not too far in to my headache story (after seven months of a constant headache, neckache and nausea, in fact), I was pretty run down and stressed.  I decided to try going to a massage therapist.

I researched a few in my local area.  I knew I needed someone who knew about myofascial pain and trigger point massage, instead of the ‘beauty’ type of ‘scented-candle-whale-music’ massage.

I emailed a few places and got several responses (generally of the “yeah, we can help with that” kind) but received a detailed, confidence-inspiring response from one of them (Paula at Bodyworks in Daventry, for local readers).

I had 5 sessions. During this time, Paula was able to eliminate, piece by piece, specific areas of back and shoulder pain.

The ‘trigger point’ method involves identifying the most painful spots and pressing on them until the pain is no longer felt.  It’s not an easy thing to sit (or lie) through, but it was of tremendous help to me at the time, and Paula really put me at ease.

I’m interested to know if anyone has had success with treating pain or headache with massage?Pain-Positive-Tag1


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