Hope: A consultant who cares

After my last consultation, at the end of which, I was told that there was ‘nothing wrong with me’, I felt I had nowhere left to go.

After spending a couple of days feeling helpless and – I will admit, doing a fair bit of crying! – I decided to take matters in to my own hands and find my own doctor – one willing to acknowledge, at the very least, that there is something wrong with me, and at least try to work out what that something is.

I spent a headache- and nausea-filled Sunday afternoon writing out all my notes – every appointment, every possible diagnosis that has been mentioned and ruled out, every symptom… I researched the local neurologists, opthalmologists and ENT specialists and I posted my notes out to the first 10 on my list with a letter asking if they could offer any help.

The responses were mixed, ranging from the very lovely;

“Thank you for your letter. I am sorry that you are having such problems and that the cause/diagnosis is proving so elusive. I doubt if I can further your cause as the bulk of my clinical work relates to glaucoma which obviously is not the issue here. So as you can see I am of no help to you for which I can only apologise.  Hoping that you make progress.”

to the (mostly) not-quite-so-helpful, including;

“I’m afraid I find it inappropriate to be asked for medical advice via mail. I would suggest that if your headaches are still an issue, the sensible thing to do is to visit your GP.”

(Gosh, I wish I’d thought of that!!)

As it happens, I have a close relative who has worked for many years in a hospital, and she suggested I approach one of the consultants that she has worked with and ask whether he might know someone who could help me.

His response was overwhelmingly nice.  I haven’t been accustomed to such kindness!  He reviewed my notes and spoke to a neurology consultant that he knows. I think I might have said “thank you” too many times!





10 thoughts on “Hope: A consultant who cares

    • Toni says:

      It really does make a difference, both practically and emotionally, to feel that there is someone on my side. Thank you for your comment!

  1. FibroAngell says:

    I hope you find the care and attention you deserve sweety… it took a long time for me to find my consultant but he’s worth the wait. Sending gentle hugs of hope xx

    • Toni says:

      Thank you, that’s very kind x

      Isn’t it shocking how common this story is? Why should it take us all so long to find a consultant willing to help?

      • FibroAngell says:

        I think it’s because chronic pain illnesses are so hard to decipher… there’s lupus, ME, Fibromyalgia, MS etc. the list is endless and some illnesses can mimic others so well… The other reasoning in my opinion is not enough research and awareness of these illnesses. Sad in this day and age but true xx

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