The new normal?

I spend a lot of time reading about pain.  I’ve read some great blogs written by people suffering with different types and levels of pain.  The courage, stamina and grace of these people constantly amazes me.  Before I experienced chronic pain, I had no idea that there was this ‘hidden’ community of people all around the world living with and coping with pain.

A theme that I keep coming across is the acceptance of pain.  It seems a popular opinion that when you accept pain as a constant in your life, you can stop ‘fighting’ it and learn to manage it, allowing you to focus on other things.

Those of you living with chronic pain will no doubt have heard this before from your doctors, from your friends, from your own research… has acceptance helped you?

I struggle with the thought that this might be something I need to learn to live with.  My instinct is to fight.  Acceptance seems like giving in.. It means giving up thoughts of continuing to grow my business, of going travelling, of living a life that involves going places to resigning myself to a life of staying at home in bed with the odd break when pain allows me one…



6 thoughts on “The new normal?

  1. Christina says:

    I’m very much at this stage. I don’t know if I should accept what I have an make it normal, maybe make some peace with it, or fight it like crazy. I think that perhaps fighting isn’t the thing for me. There is so much anger involved with that. Instead, I’m doing everything I can to come to an uncertain resolution. I know what I have, but I don’t know how it is going to effect the rest of my life.

    It almost seems that it would be easier to know what will become of me so that I can make the best of it. But, that’s not possible. So, I wait with faith and hope and I wonder.

    I guess, I’ve come to the conclusion thus far that I can accept today’s normal. It might not be tomorrow’s normal, but all I have is today anyway.

  2. ukgardenfiend says:

    Hi Toni
    Are you still blogging? to you and Christina I would say you have to do both! accept and fight. you must accept that you are i pain and that you must live with it but don’t sit down and let it make you depressed. You must keep active in mind body and spirit – whatever that means for you. Pain will be with you – if like me you have a chronic pain syndrome with many sources of that pain, for the rest of your life – but do you want to walk or be pushed? Literally in my case in a wheelchair which is one option for me. No, I prefer to walk, up come those sticks and off I go… Mindfulness and meditation are good and some CDs to help you sleep (I use one quite regularly plus some over the counter herbals) are a good thing. But some nights you won’t sleep – accept and move on. Maybe the next night you will…
    with best wishes and do get in touch personally by email if you like to swap stories.

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