Task: Do nothing

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I am a big believer in the power of positive thinking, but in a moment of complete despair after writing my last post three weeks ago – despair that this pain will never end, despair that I can’t seem to find anyone who really cares enough to want to help, despair that my life has changed in so many ways that I didn’t ask for – I decided to ‘take a break’ from thinking about it all, to try and live my life without looking for answers, without hoping, without trying… just to see if “it” might ‘go away’ on its own.  Having tried everything else, it seemed, I thought I would try ‘doing nothing’.

Big surprise – nothing changed.  Each day went on the same as the one before it, blurred into one.  I slept, I ate, I worked a little.. I slept, I walked, I stretched..

A few days ago, I decided that ‘doing nothing’ needed a little something, and I contacted a local acupuncturist. I have had two sessions so far – more on that later.  I’m definitely feeling a little more positive, though – proof that ‘doing something’ is better for me than ‘doing nothing’.

You’d be amazed at the amount of people who have suggested to me that maybe I’m trying too hard and I just need to relax and let it all ‘takes it’s course’…. well, I’ve tried that now and… nope.


One thought on “Task: Do nothing

  1. saving says:

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