A kind of diagnosis…?

My latest MRI scan shows “soft tissue damage” around C1 and C2 in the neck. A letter was sent from the MRI department to my GP.  My GP surgery didn’t inform me – they don’t think it warrants a further appointment.

So, that’s it.  A confirmation that I have neck pain.  Good – acknowledgement that there is something palpable wrong.

But it comes with no advice on how to fix it.

Having asked the physiotherapist to write to my GP recommending that I be referred for acupuncture, a letter was written after two weeks stating “I was unable to help Toni… I don’t know if acupuncture will help.”  Super-helpful.

I decided not to go back to the GP, at least for now, but instead to pursue my own private acupuncture treatment and then… well, who knows…


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