Patients are people, too

At the end of February, I had an appointment with Neurosurgery (Dr Dardis) at UHCW.

I still feel angry about this consultation.   As I entered the room, Dr Dardis said ‘how old are you?’.  I was surprised – I sat down and asked him to repeat the question – I was expecting ‘hello’!   (Silly me – there’s obviously no time for that!)  Throughout the consultation, he never once made eye contact with me.

He spoke very little, and asked no questions about my condition or what I’d been experiencing.  The (very few) questions that I asked were met with one word answers.

I appreciate that he’s no doubt a busy man, and that he has skills which allow him to continue in his position, but really – does it cost anything to greet a patient, look at them, treat them like a human being?  Does it really take much time to be civil?

As I stood to leave, he said (while continuing to look at his computer screen) “..and you’re Toni, that’s right?”!   I left feeling demeaned, belittled and angry.

A quick Google search shows that I’m not alone.  Other people have had the same experience with this doctor – and others – over and over again.  Why?  Of what benefit is it – to either doctor or patient – to behave in this way?  


3 thoughts on “Patients are people, too

  1. krisdw76 says:

    I have discovered most Drs lack bedside manner. They may be the best at what they do but their bedside manner needs a lot of work. It is horrible you got treated like that :(.

  2. Toni says:

    So strange.. surely a reasonably good dialogue between patient and doctor is a useful tool for diagnosis…? Thanks for your comments, and sorry you’ve both suffered this too!

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