The definition of insanity


I was thinking about this quote at 2.30 this morning as I was lying awake with nausea after having worked on my laptop for too long yesterday.

There’s still that childish, stubborn part of me that hopes I’ll just switch back to how I was before – able to work for as long as I wanted, able to do whatever I wanted to do with no consequence.   It doesn’t happen, does it?

So I have been thinking about finding a new way of working.  I still need to get the same amount of work done, but I’m going to need to do it in a better time-managed, more concentrated way.  This new way of working is going to need to be flexible enough to accommodate my ‘good pain’ and ‘bad pain’ days.  It’s going to need to allow for plenty of breaks away from the computer.

Inspired by the Betty Means Business 2-Hour Project and the Pomodoro system, I’m going to try out a new system of working in short, concentrated bursts.  The difficult thing will be stopping.  Once I get in to a creative flow of writing or designing, I feel like if I stop, I’ll forget it all – the moment will be lost forever.

But pain is forcing me in to a different way of life – I guess I need to tell that childish part of me to grow up and suck it up!


7 thoughts on “The definition of insanity

  1. krisdw76 says:

    I can relate completely! You told me about the Pomodoro system a couple weeks ago, I think on my blog post Balancing Life. I have been trying hard to do 15 minutes instead of the 25. I also stop whenever my pain gets to be too much. Time management is a difficult thing to master.

    • Toni says:

      I did, I tried it out myself but there are so many tasks in my business that take more than 25 minutes and are hard to break down, and some that take less than 25 minutes, so I’ve been working out my own version of the system..deciding which tasks are priorities, working out what can be flexible so if I don’t feel like doing it one day, I’ll do it the next.. it’s getting complicated!! I spent more time last week planning my work than actually doing it!

  2. jezzybel says:

    I worry about stopping mid-flow too, and everything leaking out of my foggy brain before I resume. I try to keep my phone on me and use the voice recorder or memo functions to note ideas or sentences if they come to me, without have to sit at the computer.

    • Toni says:

      I get totally carried away when I’ve got an idea in my head, I just want to do it now, now, now! I suppose I have to become less enthusiastic in a way, to learn to write down a thought and come back to it tomorrow. I suspect I’d have lost enthusiasm for it by then and I’ll be on to the next thought…! Difficult isn’t it?

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