GP or not GP

I think it’s fair to say – and you might have noticed! – that I’ve had a fairly bad experience with the GP’s at my surgery these last few months.  I don’t expect this is the case for everyone, but I need to vent!

I’ve experienced uninterested-GP, write-you-a-prescription-instead-of-listening-GP, and even frustrated-GP (a male GP that I had seen several times, with no progress being made, actually looked at me, exasperated, and said “well, what do you want me to do?”  I still feel angry about that.)

Being a quiet, non-demanding patient by nature, it took me some time to learn to speak up, to write down the things that I wanted to discuss and politely but firmly request that my questions be answered.  I even took someone with me to a consultation when I was at a low ebb, in case I needed someone to speak up for me.

The only positive experience I had was with a registrar (a trainee) who looked at some reference books during the consultation and asked me a lot of questions.  I felt that a lack of experience was her best asset!

Perhaps GP’s sometimes get a bad rap.  My own recent experience of (several) GP’s has made me realise that they are just that – general practitioners, who don’t necessarily have all the answers for all conditions.  I’ve often felt, because I didn’t tick the boxes for a condition that they are aware of, that I was banging my head against a brick wall.  I was only able to get a referral to a physiotherapist after reading for myself that a ‘headache’ could actually be being caused by neck pain – not once did any GP ever suggest that to me.

I don’t expect my GP to have all the answers. I do expect to be listened to. I do expect that he will try to find me a solution. And I do expect not to be treated like a nuisance.

Is it just me?


3 thoughts on “GP or not GP

  1. jezzybel says:

    I’m doing a dissertation on health professionals who work with individuals with chronic pain, and let me assure you – it is DEFINITELY not just you! Hope you find a good one to work with soon :)

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