Learning to sleep


One of the worst things about having neck pain is the effect on the quality of sleep. I regularly wake when trying to find a comfortable position.

I think it’s fair to say that I own most types of pillow known to man.  My bed is currently an homage to Mount Everest.

I’ve tried fluffy pillows, flat pillows, hard pillows, soft pillows, feather pillows, rolled up towels, no pillows…  I am currently road-testing a memory foam pillow.  I’m not sure about it…  Memory foam doesn’t allow for moving around – every time you get in to a new position, it has to reshape.  But it does seem to get me the closest to the optimum ‘neutral’ neck position I’m aiming for, and I don’t think it’s exacerbating the problem so I’ll stick with it for now.

As for sleeping position, I’ve been road-testing a few of those too.  I’m an aerobic sleeper – I move lots of times during the night, flipping from side to side, from lying on my back to on my front.  Of course, sleeping on your front is a sin for neck sufferers, it puts the neck in an awkward and unnatural position and I have trained myself not to – it took a couple of weeks of going to sleep with pillows at each side of me, and even a pillow between my knees to stop myself turning over!

The search for a comfortable night’s sleep continues… Any tips more than welcome.

Think I might have multiple personalities.

Think I might have multiple personalities.


2 thoughts on “Learning to sleep

  1. Free Monkey says:

    I like the sleeping positions diagram, my position has changed in the past few years from the foetus to one I’ll call the splat, it’s where you don’t have a side of the bed you have ALL of the bed right to the corners, sometimes I wake up in the strangest positions.

    The best sleep I’ve had was in one of those beds that bend in the middle where you’re head and knees are up and butt and feet down, then again it was in hospital so it could have just been the morphine. If I could get things to stay where I put them when I sleep I’d sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees and my head flat (a bit like the guy in the picture) since it’s the most comfortable position for me when I’m awake, when my back is twisted up or flexed back my neck goes out in sympathy.

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