Urgh, exercise

So, after a few days of walking, I seemed to decide (not only partly due to the snow we have here) that I didn’t want to do it anymore. At least, not on a daily basis.

Since then, I’ve been swimming a couple of times – I swam half an hour each time (with short breaks for, you know, breathing). Both times, I quickly developed a specific pain across my shoulder / arm which didn’t go away until I stopped swimming. I think this is probably due to the position my neck is in (the “trying to keep my hair dry because it’s so cold outside” position typically favoured by blue-rinsed old ladies). So it seems if I’m to keep swimming, I need to find a new way of doing it (blimey, all this change is exhausting).

I’ve also (re)started doing a ‘Davina’ DVD with a ‘boxer-cise’ section. It’s kinda.. fun. And the action of boxing seems to stretch out my neck and back muscles, which feels good.

I think the answer to getting over my laziness might at least include a bit of variety. If I don’t feel like doing one, I can think about doing another…

Any suggestions? What keeps you going back for more?

Don't mess with me.

Don’t mess with me. Word.


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