Cameras just aren’t meant to go down there

About three months in to The Headache, I went to the dentist. I had been through a process of wondering (thanks, Google) whether my sinuses were the problem. Maybe, I was getting tooth pain because I really had sinusitis?

I was confused that my dentist denied any possible link between tooth pain and sinusitis. There seems to be plenty of evidence that presenting with tooth pain can indicate sinus problems. (I like my dentist, by the way, no dentist-bashing going on here.) ;

“Each time you take a breath through your nose, air travels through your sinuses on its way down to your lungs. Your sinuses are simply hollow, air-filled cavities in your upper jaw bone. They are lined with a pink membrane that is similar to the pink lining on the inside of your mouth. When the lining of your sinuses gets infected or inflamed, it is known as sinusitis.

Many people end up coming to the emergency room at our dental school with painful teeth. Upon examination, we sometimes find that their teeth are healthy and that the real cause of their pain is a sinus infection or sinusitis.

Although there are other sinuses, the main pair of sinuses that affect your upper teeth are the maxillary sinuses. One of the main symptoms of maxillary sinusitis is continuous pain in your back upper teeth that changes (gets worse or better) when you move your head (such as lying down or standing up.)”

As it turned out, two dentist visits, two prescriptions for Beconase from my GP, two courses of antibiotics, one ENT consultation and a very uncomfortable camera down my nostrils later, I concluded that – nah, it’s probably not my sinuses.

Nope, can't see anything wrong there.

Nope, can’t see anything wrong there.


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