Deirdre Barlow specs old

One day, if I smoke enough, I might look this good.

When I discovered I was having trouble reading, the obvious first step to take was get to the opticians and get my sight checked.  I’ve always had perfect sight.  I came away two pairs of reading glasses heavier and £80 lighter (NHS prices, folks).

During the first few days of wearing them, I felt dizzy.  The nice lady at Specsavers suggested I try wearing them all the time for a few days – not just for reading – to get used to them, and that ‘adapting’ to glasses is not unusual.

But I just couldn’t get on with them.  They certainly didn’t improve my headache or ability to read (although I did feel ever-so-clever in them).  So I went back to the opticians and had the prescription checked – the optician concluded the same, that I needed reading glasses.

They’re in a drawer somewhere now…


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