Day 3 Walking Challenge


Day 3 of trainering-up and dragging my skinny pale ass out on to the streets.

I’ve discovered that;

once I get past the initial don’t-want-to-do-it-i’m-tired-it’s-too-cold-i-don’t have-time moment, it feels good to do something positive and proactive for myself

it’s actually nicer out there than it looks from the window of my central-heated pit, I mean, once you get past the initial cold and start warming up, it’s actually nice to feel a bit of sun on my face

good posture and a good speed make all the difference to how it feels (and presumably what good it’s doing)

Gosh, look at all those positive words I’ve inadvertently used about exercise.  Urgh, I’m disgusted with myself.  I’m still a lazy sod at heart though, I could quite easily never do it again and not miss it, I reckon.

That’s not me in the picture, by the way.  I mean, obviously I look a lot like that when walking.. maybe slightly redder in the face, wearing totally-sports-inappropriate clothing, and probably leaning over the fence a little to gasp for some air.. other than that…   (The only reason I’d look that happy when walking is if there were a Primark directly opposite.)


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