Worse than the pain itself


For me, the worst part of pain has been the things that I have had to give up, the things that pain has robbed me of.

An inability to read has changed my life these past few months. My working life, and therefore my financial position, has changed drastically. Gone are the days of spending hours and days on a laptop, lost in building up my business. Instead, it’s meant me doing the minimum work that I can get away with. The financial stress has certainly not helped my situation.

More importantly, I’m a bookworm, a geek and a perpetual student by nature. My weekly french class was a real joy in my life. Not being able to study french effectively means no trip to France again this summer to volunteer (I can’t afford it anyway, having not been working full-time). My plans to pursue a career in teaching english are on hold, perhaps forever. And the pile of books I want to read has been getting bigger and bigger.

Small things I know. People suffer much more than I have. But it’s the little things, the small changes that I didn’t ask for, didn’t want.. I feel robbed.

What have you been robbed of?


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