The first time I went to a GP

The first time I went to my GP with a ‘headache’, I had already had it for around four weeks. I was pretty miserable by this time, and just wanted it to end… aaaah! The GP couldn’t have been less interested and wrote me a prescription for Naproxen before I’d barely sat down.

I realise that doctors are busy people and they don’t need to know my life story, but I have seen a number of doctors during the past few months – those with good interpersonal skills, who make eye contact and ask questions, have been few and far between.

I did, however, go back a week later to see a different doctor at the same surgery, because I felt like I hadn’t been listened to and was starting to worry that there was something very wrong. (I had never experienced anything like it, so there must be something wrong..?)

I saw a young registrar, Dr Lee, who was working at the surgery for a short period of time only. She had the enthusiasm of a newbie and asked me a lot of questions. She prescribed Propranolol, saying that it had helped her with her own migraines, and said that she would request a referral to Neurology.

I wonder if other people feel the frustration that I feel when going to see a GP? I almost always leave the surgery feeling like I’ve failed – failed to communicate my symptoms, failed to convey the urgency of my situation, failed to find some hope of a solution..

Or is it simply that GP’s are not trained to deal with my problem? It seems sometimes that if you don’t tick their boxes of problems they are trained to deal with, then they are uninterested…?


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